Blog Posts Returning Soon (STAR CINDERS)

Salutations dear blog reader.
Haku, c'antik (hello friend)

Time for some game updates and life updates.

Life Updates

As promised I spent a bit of time away from the blog working on health improvements, I'm happy to report that I hit my goal of losing 33 lbs and building strength.
I can now do kneeling lifts of 30 lbs pretty well, 50lb curls, 50lb over the head curls, and 80lb core swings. However hitting this goal was just stage one, now I am moving on to stage two, which is to lose another 33 lbs and continue building strength. The first goal was about becoming healthy, this second goal is purely for aesthetic reasons; to move from "healthy but still a bit large" to "a bit on the lean'ish side".

Game Updates

Now, on to game updates, STAR CINDERS continues to be the project I experiment with and develop. Before I went on the break Star Cinders had gone through a number of iterations, first as a 2D top down space sim, then as a multi-plane space strategy game, then as single plane space action game. During the break I continued to work on Star Cinders (no blog posts on this era but there were many tweets) and it evolved again; first as a Sci-Fantasy flying rail shooter and then as a Gauntlet style Sci-Fantasy action RPG.

Honestly I'm still not sure what form I want Star Cinders to ultimately take and will probably just keep experimenting; the truth is I have a mind for developing systems and probably not for balance or level design, but I'll keep marching onward and learning until it eventually comes to fruition (or until I happily join a team where we can collaborate on those weak points). Right at this moment I am preparing another round of experiments into what I can learn from setting up some RTS systems and even building out custom editor extensions for turning Unity into an RTS engine, we'll see how that goes and what lessons can be brought forward.


This year has been an awesome experience just jamming and iterating and rapidly expanding my systems skillset and I look forward to doing more through the rest of the year and hopefully writing more in-depth blog posts about it again.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me so far, kaqhina's (I am grateful) 💖
Kiwana'n (goodbye for a bit)