Forge Networking Remastered

Forge Networking Remastered

Salutations dear blog reader.
Haku, c'antik (hello friend)

Today I wanted to quickly share a networking solution I took some time to visit over the last couple days, Forge Remastered
BTW, I've linked above to the Asset Store version but really you should be using the version on github or the nightly auto-build as those will have all the latest updates faster.

This is a networking solution that makes no assumptions about the type of game you want to make and doesn't try to shortcut the type of structure it thinks you're going to need. Instead it focuses on providing a framework for client-server communication where the server is just another Unity instance in much the same philosophy as UNet. This allows the server to be fully aware of anything going on in Unity (physics simulation) and lets you write your code once and have the client and server act in similar ways.

I'm currently evaluating different networking solutions as out of my collection of experiments the ARPG one has the most appeal for picking back up at the moment as an excuse to dive into networking. Of all I've looked at so far Forge appears to have the most promise while remaining friendly and open. There are many others like ENet that rank right up there, and in fact ENet might be the superior technical choice but at the moment Forge is the choice that hold's your hand a little bit as you get started with some pretty nice docs

I ran through all the examples in the docs and found them all practical and straightforward as an introduction. (as a thank you I cleaned up some of their formatting just to give it a little spring cleaning)
I'm not sure yet whether this or Mirror will win out, Mirror being a drop in replacement for the now deprecated UNet that fixes most of the problems with UNet while also making strides forward. No matter which one I land on I'll make sure to post again on the blog with whatever findings I can.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me so far, kaqhina's (I am grateful) 💖
Kiwana'n (goodbye for a bit)