[40K] Imperial Date Generator

[40K] Imperial Date Generator

Warhammer 40,000 is probably among my favorite universes and so it was an easy decision to make when I was choosing what would be my first GitHub contribution.

A live demo can be viewed via this link.

I've published a first release of some Javascript that can be used to convert our standard Gregorian dates, things such as Nov 29th 2013, into their proper Imperial Standard Dating system form "0910013.M3". The code is available from both an object oriented approach as well as a version which is just a single function.

Getting the current imperial standard date can be as easy as calling

The code is available here

It's a first release and I'm sure its possible that there could be little oddities involving leap years and the like but this is hopefully something fun for anyone to use that wants to include 40k style dates in their web page, game, or whatever.

Soon enough, once I feel like dedicating time to this again I'll add Node.JS module version.

+++ 0 910 013.M3 +++
+++ Ave Imperator +++
+++ In the God-Emperor's name +++