Quest For Sagebrush - Game Dev Weekly 7/2-7/15

Quest For Sagebrush - Game Dev Weekly 7/2-7/15

What a way to get a weekly dev blog started off right, one good week of progress followed by two weeks in the desert with little computer access!

First a quick dev update and then see below for vacation pictures.

Well in the few days of the week before I headed off for the journey I did make a little bit of progress in the Udemy Unity Course. Made it from section 7 lecture 156 to lecture 166.

These lectures included such topics as health management, animation events/parameters/triggers, setting required components, controlling the animator via attached scripts, handling missing dependencies gracefully, and instantiating and destroying objects from code instead of already being set in the level.

Fun effect from spawning units every frame instead of on a proper timer.
An animated image of enemies spawning on each frame

Vacation Log - sorry for big images

On day two we made it to the Cockrell Ranch, which is a lovely working cattle ranch that has fully stocked houses available for vacationers like us. Hot tubs and all!
sun going down across the fields as seen from ranch house

Over the next three days we explored the surrounding area including the salt flats where Jaemie discovered this little guy (don't worry, we hydrated him right before this picture).
a small creature like a horseshoe crab but not actually one

Mostly the trip was a lot of open roads. Riding along and thinking about life, the universe, and everything.
an endless road

Sitting under the stars away from all man-made light may sound like a recipe for romantic situations but in reality mosquito's don't care.
the moon at night

Turns out squirrels are willing to get EXTREMELY close if they think they might get food out of it (even if you have no food to give).
small furry animal begs for food

World War Two, powered by feminism?
ww2 exhibit

Spent about two days in Bend, Oregon on our way back up home and went for a bit of a river swim.
rivers make for better swimming than ice cold mountain lakes we soon found out

That's it for now, hopefully more gamedev focus next time but it's also important to spend time seeing the world to add personal experiences to your games too~