Intro to 3D - Game Dev Weekly 7/23-7/28

Intro to 3D - Game Dev Weekly 7/23-7/28

Moving these posts to Saturday morning's, so this'll be a bit of a shorter update than usual.

Now that the plants vs zombies section of the course is complete we are moving on to 3D development from here on out.
It's a nice change of pace after 181 lectures of 2D focus, though of course I appreciate that doing things in this order allowed us to build up from nothing and has been really effective.

This time around we covered lectures 182 through 193 which included upgrading from Unity 4.7 to 5.6, working with materials and their properties, an intro to 3D physics including starting to use rigid bodies, and probably the more fun lesson which was using Render Textures.

In the upper left corner of the GIF, as the pins are knocked over, you can see a second view of the scene, which is accomplished by having a second camera in the scene and outputting it's results into the Render Texture. Apparently this used to be a Unity Pro only feature but has since been made available to everyone.

Now it's time to get back to it and start on lecture 194 :)