Test Driven Development - Game Dev Weekly - 7/29 to 8/4

Test Driven Development - Game Dev Weekly - 7/29 to 8/4

In last week's post we had just started into our new bowling game and this week we're juuuust about done but not quite.

In lectures 194 through 216 we covered topics such as adding touch input and setting up swipe controls, which is fun as the mobile build should feel very natural.

We also built up more complicated state machines by starting to use sub-state machines which allow you to make your animation logic at a high level more clear by hiding the details within a single node.

We also covered a number of testing topics such as going through the process of debugging unit's physics, and stepping through our state machines. Most important however is that we begun doing unit testing and spent a fair amount of time defining good unit tests and walking through example bug reporting cycles.

Just as in web and general development, putting unit tests into your game allow you to make logic changes while staying confident that you didn't just break some other area.

In the next week we should be wrapping up this section and preparing to start on our first person shooter course project.

(71%) 231/325 course items complete as of 8/4/2017