Zombies - Game Dev Weekly - 8/12 to 8/18

Zombies - Game Dev Weekly - 8/12 to 8/18

This week (covering Lectures 235 through 269) was a nice break from the last two weeks which were primarily all about a single topic.

This time around we actually touched the terrain system instead of just putting a super wide cube as the level. All the sort of things that come with that were also covered including painting trees and grass, bill-boarding, fog, sun flares, AI and navigation meshes.

We also did some explicitly "game-y" topics such as 3D sound, rotating spawn points, user selectable FOV, mecanim animation, custom cross platform controls, and introducing a day/night cycle.

We also focused a lot on how your architecture effects the way your game objects are going to communicate with each other. SendMessageUpwards/BroadcastMessage depending on the direction the messages need to go.

Time to get back to it~