This week I am very happy to say that I've completed the VR Course on Udemy by Ben Tristem

Here is a video example of one of the projects. There are a few slight issues such as the trucks needing to be set a little higher and an audio bug with the water, but overall I'm very happy with the result.

Blurry textures are from the graphics being turned way down, this was one of the final things we learned in the course, how to use the profiler and adjust accordingly. It is an incredibly useful tool that allows you to inspect the amount of impact individual functions and graphical effects. This allows you to not waste time optimizing things that won't make a difference and purely focus on what will.

In the coming week I plan to start on the Physics course provided by the same instructor linked above and of course will be posting updates here as progress is made. This one should be much shorter and may only warrant two blog posts as it's a bit of a mini-course.