Certification Prep - Game Dev Weekly - 9/30 to 10/6

Certification Prep - Game Dev Weekly - 9/30 to 10/6

Keep on powering forward was the theme this week as I progressed through another third (Lectures 52 to 88) of the preparation course for the Unity Certification exam.

I started rather annoyed by this course, it felt like it was just going to be a slogging retread through everything we had learned in the Learn C# with Unity mega course. If it had stayed this way progress would still have been made but it would have been a much less interesting process, thankfully after a little while the course really started to pick up with some brand new/more in depth topics than were covered in the C# course.

In the VR course we covered 3D positional sound as it is really essential for VR, but in this course it went even further via playing around with various effects you can use to modify 3D audio such as simulating the Doppler Effect and creating all sorts of reverberation effects.

One section that really started to trip me up and thus caused me to have to pay much more attention was the section on lighting effects. Aside from setting things between real-time and baked lighting I had never really payed attention. Then we were introduced to light probes and reflection probes and these really do become powerful tools. Reflection probes in particular start to reveal ideas on how some great scenes were put together.

In the next blog post I hope to be able to report having completed this course and moved on to the next step in my education road-map; but since I'd rather not jinx it I'll just sign off wishing anyone who reads this success in your own goals and progress this week.