Starting On Gameplay - 1/20 to 1/26 - My Week In GameDev

Starting On Gameplay - 1/20 to 1/26 - My Week In GameDev

Thankfully Dragon Ball Fighter Z didn't come out until yesterday so this week was generally very productive. 🔥🐔🔥

Most of the beginning of the week was dedicated to cleaning up some assets so that they would have a very specific object hierarchy and be compatible with how I want to setup the various engine/weapon/control/damage scripts. Now that they're all setup there are six manufacturer types, seven ship classes, and five color variations of each for a total of 210 different combinations ready to mess around with.

Later in the week I started in on setting up some basic game play scripts including making tweakable turn rate, acceleration, and deceleration. In this way I'll be able to make each ship type feel different in how it flies. For example a giant carrier might take longer to fully turn around than a stunt fighter. There is also a neat little effect on the engine now where the engine thrust pulses randomly to give it more of an alive feel over a static image.

To wrap things up here is a shot of the graphics settings menu that I setup because it's going to be needed at some point anyways and it uses all the same elements as the missions interface I did last week. ✨

In the coming week I plan to work on weapons, both fixed mount and turret mounted~