This time around I primarily worked on weapon systems and ended out the week with a 3 day trip to Portland, Oregon for a the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert.

The first step was to get standard fixed mount weapons going, aka the traditional lasers firing from the front of your ship. Currently this supports the designer tweaking bullet's speed, lifetime, cooldown, and damage.

Next up was to add turrets so that when designing weapons you can toggle it on and your weapons will rotate until they face the current target. Currently this supports the designer tweaking the turret's turn rate and cooldown. Turrets can fire bullets as defined above or they can fire rockets (to be talked about next week).

The white board Jaemie gave me is already being put to good use, here it is showing all currently implemented parts of the ship system along with tweakable fields.

One fun thing that happened this week is I forgot to put fighters and battleships on separate layers (as called for in the design), resulting in a collision that kinda reminded me of that epic hammerhead scene in Rogue One 🚀

The Distant World's concert was great and even educational! Director/Conductor Arnie Roth revealed that the Bombing Mission track used in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer was not an internal Square Enix track but in fact they honored Distant Worlds by using their rendition~

Alright, now time to make up for the vacation time by hitting the keyboard again hard 🦁