Defensive Systems - 2/5 to 2/9 - My Week In GameDev

Defensive Systems - 2/5 to 2/9 - My Week In GameDev

A bit of a light update this week as I was out of town for the start of it, but still there were some very critical core systems that fell in place this week.

One feature was a hull breach system. As a ship takes more and more damage various "wounds" will appear across it's hull. At first the hull breaches will be small tears, but as more appear they will be more intense including containing active fires.

Next up is a shield system. The shield system can be tweaked on a per ship basis including the parameters for: shield resistance (how much damage does the shield fully negate), shield strength (how much can it be hit before it fails), shield regeneration per second, and reactivation time (how much time it takes the shield generator to reactivate once it's been fully drained).

Finally I set up a system where you can set, on a per projectile basis, what the impact graphic will be both against shields and against hull.

In the coming week I plan on doing some UI work so that there can be indicators of what you're currently targeting and how much health/shield strength you have remaining.