Cargo System - 3/24 to 3/30

Cargo System - 3/24 to 3/30

Despite all the great advancements of the future one thing has remained constant. We still all want what we don't have, but now thanks to the addition of a Cargo Bay we can get what we need.


I started by adding concepts for Item's (a scriptable object of attributes such as an icon and value), Cargo (a struct of an Item and an amount), and a Cargo Bay (a list of Cargo's, capacity, and slot count). Once these concepts were in place and coded up I put together a UI and a manager script for the UI.


Next up I made some updates to last week's Dialogue System so that it can communicate with the Cargo System. So now I can set up dialogue paths that are dependent on certain items being present in the player inventory as well as adding/removing/trading items between the player cargo bay and the npc cargo bay.

That's it for this week, in the next week I want to start work on a shop system that can leverage this cargo system so the player can start buying and selling wares.