Another week, another oppurtunity to make progress both on the game and in life. Despite continuing to do the daily workout routine it's no longer quite as disruptive as it was initially, just took a little getting used to and now it's not as much of an excuse not to get game development done 😉
Using the UI that I mocked up in last week's blog post I started to add functionality, both to make the UI functional AND to get it working with the cargo and dialogue systems. Now I can assign a shop keeper dialogue to an NPC and they'll be able to initalize a shop session. That session can transact with the cargo system on both NPC and your ships.
I've received a few points of feedback, one being that the dialogue tree has one too many steps (it should start the session as soon as you say you want to shop) and second that the credits should be visible from more than just the base shop screen. Another is that while you're making a transaction it should not only show you how much it will cost in total but how many credits you'll have left after the transaction is complete. These are all excellent suggestions and I'm planning on implementing them once I circle back to this topic in a few weeks, first however there is another bit of important work that has to be done...
For reasons that I will go into more next week I've decided that this game needs to be 3D to help alleviate certain design communication problems and certain asset and skillset strengths/weaknesses available. It'll set me back a few weeks but I think it'll be a great decision in the end, but more on that next week 😘