A bit of a short week considering last week's blog post was Monday, but onwards and ever upwards we must go~ 🚀
Just about every system that was in the old 2d version of the game has now been ported over, except AI, which is next week's goal.
Speaking of goals, an update on my fit quest. My mile run is currently sitting at 18:44, the army standard for my age/gender would be a little over 10 minutes so that's what I'll start shooting for now. Hopefully going to be able to post some improvements in the next month or so 💪🏽😃

One system that I finished updated this week was the navigation system, just as before you can select a system in your navigational map and indicate you want to make an FTL jump. Your ship will take a few seconds spinning up FTL drives and then jump into the appropriate star system. In the previous version of the game when a fighter was brave enough to take on a battleship it would just dive into that layer and start fighting. I may eventually go back into that system but for now I thought it would be cool to take inspiration from the old Rebel Assault games and have your fighter do a circling pass of the enemy battleship. It's still a bit rough but I like it in a way. Ideally you wouldn't take on a battleship as a fighter but since the situation WILL come up I figured there should be a fun system for doing this sort of thing.

And that does it for this week, for the next week I'm going to focus on AI and only AI. If all works out well you'll get to see some space battles in next week's update as the AI goes to war. 😲🏳️