Space Battles Stage One - 5/13 to 5/20

Salutations dear blog reader~
Haku, c'antik (hello friend)

I'm heading out to see Deadpool 2 in just a bit but wanted to pop in and give this weekly update 👋
As you can see above we now have promotional items! At least that's how I justified getting them made... Both VALKRYSA and Star Cinders patches will be available to any friends I meet up with at GDC or other events 💗
I've also kept up the running and can report I shaved a minute off of my mile run so now it's at 17m 44s.


First of all I wanted to post an update on the warp in/warp out animations, I've flipped the warp out animation so that the motion follows the direction the ship is going. I've also given the warp in it's own effect, I'm still not completely satisfied but have decided to leave it be for the moment.
Next up I started white boarding how I wanted the "AI" to approach battles. In the previous 2D version of the game ships would simply fly at you and stop within a distance. This time around I wanted to add in actual obstacle avoidance, so that is now part of the plan.


Ships will currently try to avoid shooting at friendly ships if a friendly is obstructing the target but will also only make a check periodically so it is possible to get an enemy ship to briefly fire on it's allies by moving your ship behind it's ally. Obstacle avoidance isn't in yet, that is my next task.


Finally, I decided to include this gif in here as a funny little reminder that I need to get the ship exploding actually implemented as currently you just kinda of continue to soak up fire long after you should be gone.

And that's it for now; next week I'll be working on obstacle avoidance and other little touches.
Kiwana'n (goodbye for awhile)

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