Salutations dear blog reader~
Haku, c'antik (hello friend)
It's only been a few days since the last blog post but I'm trying to get back on schedule so... whatever. 😙

After playing through combat scenarios hundreds of times I realized my multi-layer design (fighter - battleship - station) was somewhat unintuitive and caused visual noise against what you're meant to pay attention to. As a result I have decided to iterate and refine the system. What I'm going to play with now is condensing things down to a single layer, with battleships as your primary vehical and stations existing alongside instead of in a lower layer. Fighters will stay but instead of piloting them they will be launched by your battleship if you have that ability and will automatically fight on your behalf. You still pilot them during attack missions anyways, so it's not a real loss, only a gain. One great benefit though is a reduction in the camera farclip and nearclip planes resulting in less z-depth to lose resolution across. 🎥

I've once again increased my running schedule, this time to 5-6 times a week and have shaved another minute-ish off my mile run time, it is now down to 15m 53s. 💪🏽
Did a bunch of optimization on the particle systems, and here is a helpful hint: if you ever see this little info bubble on a particle system it'll give you helpful information on why your particles won't be able to be automatically culled and thus might have more of an impact on your performance than they otherwise would.
Just showing here that I've changed over to using navmesh agent for object avoidance, it was fun looking at my own implementation but that was mostly a learning oppurtunity and so I've now switched over to the more standard choice.
Since I'm using a navmesh agent I needed a navmesh, so I added a terrain/plane that I simply disable the renderer on. (enabled here for screenshot's sake)

That's it for now, going to go out to the drive-in and check out Solo since there is always time for a star war ☄️
Thank you for reading this far, kaqhina's (I am grateful) 💖
Kiwana'n (goodbye for a bit)