Physics Course Started - Game Dev Weekly - 9/16 to 9/22

Physics Course Started - Game Dev Weekly - 9/16 to 9/22

Having completed the VR Course last week I moved on to the next item on the roadmap which was to start on the Physics Course.
It is a bit of a mini-course, even shorter than the VR Course so I imagine I will only get about 2 blog posts out of it, 3 if I take it slow.

Roadmap Update

  • Unity Mega-Course Complete!
  • Unity VR Course Complete!
  • Unity Physics Mini-Course
  • Unity Certification Course
  • Unity RPG Mega-Course
  • Pixel Art Mini-Course
  • 2D Game Artist Course
  • Venture out of schooling and start building my own projects

In this physics course our main topic is to write a physics engine from scratch that gives more realistic results than Unity's physics engine. One thing this means is that rather than gravity always being "down", objects are instead pulled towards other objects of high mass.

The first third which I have completed focuses on accounting for various forces acting on an object. I believe the next third will be focusing on handling rotations and I look forward to continuing to build up this custom physics engine.

A demo of the first third can be played via this LINK.
The score system and text is just something I threw on top of it for fun, the main purpose is to demonstrate physics without the in-built system. Click and hold on the cannon to charge your shot, the longer you hold the further it goes. Thanks to Ben Tristem for the voice/sound.

I've also gone ahead and updated the roadmap to include a slight diversion into art but more on that later.

As long as I don't die from this cold in the next week I hope to either finish, or have another third done by next update~