RPG Course Started - Game Dev Weekly - 10/14 to 10/20

RPG Course Started - Game Dev Weekly - 10/14 to 10/20

This week I moved on to the next item of the road-map, the RPG Course! (which can be found here) Initially I had some hesitation on letting this course be part of the roadmap, because if it just turned out to be things that I had done in Unity before but with an RPG flavoring it wasn't going to be worth extending the road-map for.

Current Roadmap Status

  • Unity Mega-Course Complete!
  • Unity VR Course Complete!
  • Unity Physics Mini-Course Complete!
  • Unity Certification Course Complete!
  • Unity RPG Mega-Course [In Progress]
  • Pixel Art Mini-Course
  • 2D Game Artist Course
  • Venture out of schooling and start building my own projects

As always though each new course manages to cover new topics that are fundamentally useful tools. In this first week we covered the observer pattern, using delegates in C# to do event based messaging, editor scripting, and C# interfaces. Editor scripting in particular is potentially really powerful as it allows you to add your own custom behaviors and display to the editor.

Observer pattern, delegates, and Interfaces are not topics that are fundamentally new to me, after all we use them all the time at the day job while doing regular programming. However what I appreciate constantly having driven home is that all the techniques we use in normal software engineering apply to game development too. That is the real value of doing these courses, seeing how these skills are directly applied within the context of game development and Unity. To avoid always doing things via the most direct routes and actually utilize the tool-sets that structure these solutions. Game development is a specialized skill, but its not at it's core different beast.

This course is the last real "programming" focused step on the educational road-map, with the other two items being art focused. I don't think I will ever consider myself an artist but those two items are on there because I think it will be incredibly important to have at least a bare minimum introduction to the topic. The hope being that I will at least know how to start approaching making small tweaks to art provided through other means.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope to provide another update next week~
Now... back at the RPG!